LEDAcrypt News

08 May 2020

LEDAcrypt constant time implementation and benchmarks

We are announcing the new release of the LEDAcrypt specification (full document) which includes the engineering tradeoff analysis for the...

19 Mar 2020

Revised and improved specification for LEDAcrypt

We are announcing a new revision of the LEDAcrypt specification (full document) introducing several improvements. We address the existence of...

24 Jul 2019

Second round Latest Implementation

The latest implementation of the LEDAcrypt primitives for the second round is available in the following submission package: Round 2...

10 Apr 2019

Second round Admission and merger

Following the notification received from NIST, we are glad to announce that the proposal resulting from the merger of LEDAkem...

30 Sep 2018

New parameters and bounded DFR for LEDAkem and LEDApkc

We submitted an official comment concerning the LEDAkem and LEDApkc cryptosystems (full text here:official comment) where: we provide a description...

31 Jan 2018

LEDAkem paper accepted at PQCrypto 2018

We are glad to announce that our paper “LEDAkem: a post-quantum key encapsulation mechanism based on QC-LDPC codes” describing the...