We submitted an official comment concerning the LEDAkem and LEDApkc cryptosystems (full text here:official comment) where:

  • we provide a description of an automated procedure to generate cryptosystem parameters tailored to a given security level

  • we report revised parameter sets for the LEDA cryptosystems closely matching the NIST required security levels (updated headerfiles to be employed in the NIST submission codebase can be found here: updated headers)

  • we provide a computational complexity estimation tool for Information Set Decoding attacks to evaluate the computational effort of breaking given instances of LEDAkem and LEDApkc

  • we report our result on obtaining a closed-form upper bound for the DFR of the LEDA cryptosystems

  • we report sample instances of the LEDApkc cryptosystem parameters having a DFR lower or equal to 2^-64

  • we provide an updated codebase addressing the previous official commments

We provide also updated codebases on both this site (LEDAkem, LEDApkc), and our Github repository.